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SRK fined Rs 1.5 lakhs by customs

Shah Rukh Khan’s return from his European holiday might not have been as happy as he might have imagined. The actor who returned India on Thursday with his family after a vacation in London and Holland had to pay a heavy fine. Apparently Shah Rukh and his family seemed to have done extensive shopping on their holiday and came back with as many as 20 bags. The custom officers at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai got suspicious with the excess baggage and stopped Shah Rukh to do a routine custom check. While his family was allowed to leave, Shah Rukh had to wait and was allowed to go only when he agreed to pay a hefty fine of Rs 1.5 lakhs to take along his excess baggage. Eyewitnesses claims, Khan was neither met with any special treatment nor was allowed to make any phone-call.

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