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Foot in mouth for ‘N’ as workers storm police station

Supporters of a PML-N member of the National Assembly not only blatantly broke the law on Friday, but also mocked the tall claims of the party that boasts of high standards of morality when its MNA Anjum Aqeel, who was arrested by police was forcibly gotten released by his workers from a police station.
Shalimar police had registered an FIR no 115 against Anjum Aqeel on a complaint filed by Shabahat Ali, a teacher and resident of Sector I-8/4 in 2010. Shabahat had alleged that Aqeel took Rs 950,000 from him against a plot that was never handed over to him. The police registered the FIR under anti-corruption law and took the lawmaker from Islamabad in custody. However, more than 20 supporters of the MNA opened indiscriminate firing at police and forcefully got Aqeel released near the Shalimar police station. A police official said the police later launched an operation in the area for the arrest of the MNA and his supporters who clashed with police.
The capital police have also registered an FIR against Aqeel for his alleged involvement in the National Police Foundation land scam. Meanwhile, the PML-N called on Aqeel to surrender to the police. In a media statement, Khawaja Saad Rafique regretted that the PML-N MNA’s supporters took the law into their hands, adding that the law must take its course. He said Aqeel must have faith in the courts to serve him justice. Later on Friday, reports came in that police had raided several areas and arrested five of Aqeel’s men involved in the raid on the police station. They were named as Nasir, Rab Nawaz, Qamar Mahmood, Tariq Aziz and Muhammad Ajmal. The Islamabad Police also arrested the Saddar Circle SP adeem Hussain and SHO Faiz Tanoli in connection with the incident.

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  1. Pakistani said:

    This is what the Chief Justice of Lahore HC should be taking note of.This is the mindest of a Political Party that is born unaturally.Let us see if the IG can restore his Force's image.If not then who put him there should leave in shame.This is ANARCHY.

  2. khurdra said:

    This is the morality of so called "SAVIOURS" of judiciary and upholders of Law….
    If it had been done by 2 or three people then it would have been termed as individual folly but this "hundreds of protesters'" bit gives clear picture……….
    We need change not to an extent of Arab spring….but at least we need to open our eyes and see that " iss hamam main sub nangay hain"

  3. ali said:

    hang this this ass hole thug n fraudster at zero point and government should announce money for his head!!

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