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Ticket-less travelling pushes PR into losses

Irregularity and corruption in Pakistan Railways (PR), which have caused losses of billions of rupees to PR, could be gauged by the fact that the government institution has detected almost 6240 cases of ticket-less travelling in just five passenger trains in June 2011.
During an inspection carried out by the Karachi Division last month, thousands of people travelling without tickets on various major trains have been detected, depicting how the only poor friendly source of transport was being immersed into losses.
An inspection team of the division checked major trains including Tezgam Express, Awam Express, Millat Express, Karachi Express and Zakarya Express on specified tracks last month. It has recovered almost Rs8.139 million from thousands of people travelling without tickets, official sources in the divisional administration told Pakistan Today.
The division also claimed that it has recovered Rs1.018 million as penalty from people against illegal traveling taking the total recovery figures to Rs9.157 million. In June 2010, the division had also recovered Rs7 million as fare and penalty from thousands of illegal travellers, they added.
Besides, during a 10 days’ drive against irregularities in passenger trains, started in December 2010, the divisional team has detected 1,786 cases of corruption, both in the ticketing and freight activities, in the limitations of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas. According to sources, an amount of almost Rs0.12 million was recovered during the campaign. The divisional administration also recovered a huge amount from over 1,000 people who were travelling without tickets in various trains running between the two stations. During the 10 days of campaign, starting from December 21 to 31, the administration registered 1,786 cases and penalised those involved in the irregularities as most of the corruption was being carried in connivance with PR employees, sources said. In 2009, the administration had detected over 808 cases of corruption and recovered Rs47,520.
The number of such cases has more than doubled in 2010. The campaign shows how corruption is inflicting huge losses on PR, which, with its liabilities worth of billions, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The above facts according to sources, was an eye-opener for the railway high-ups, which always seem crying for shortage of money to run the existing passengers. Corrupt activities and irregularities such as travelling without tickets and others were mainly carried out in connivance with the railways’ own staff, specially the ticket checking inspectors.
“The inspectors were allegedly making money through charging passengers, entering the train at various junctions, less than fixed fares of the government without issuing tickets,” they said.

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    Ninety percent of those who travel ticktless are railways emplyees and they conside it their right. Everyone has entitlements in sar-zamin-e-Pakistan.
    So have fun, one day this all will be over

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