Police Act 1861 revived

The ensuing violence in Karachi has forced the administration to restore police act of 1861 and commissionerate system in the province.

As the ruling party is busy acquiring support from other parties in favour of the commissionerate system, several legislators from the party are opposing the plan, as it involves redrawing district boundaries.

Similarly, the police department is also confused over the revival of police act of 1861. However, some members of the police force argue that under the new system, a complainant would only have to deal with one police official only, which will solve the problem of dealing with many officials and avoiding the possibility of bribe and extortion. But as the investigation wing of the department was getting specialised knowledge of investigations, the departments have been merged, which might affect the overall performance of the department. Some of the police officials are also terming the changes as cosmetic with no real plan for implementation.

The history of Pakistan is full of such changes, but in reality no actual difference has ever been brought about by them. The real change will only take place, if all the political stakeholders move towards resolving their party conflicts. Police should be depoliticised as soon as possible, otherwise this massacre will continue.