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Weekly SPI increases by 0.53pc

The rise in prices of kitchen items including chicken, beef, mutton, sugar, wheat flour, rice, onion and fresh milk has pushed up the weekly food inflation by 0.53 percent to 16.65 in comparison with the corresponding period of last year. Data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) shows that the weekly Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week that ended on July 07 increased by 0.53 percent compared to the same period of last year. FBS statistics based on prices of 53 essential items and collected from 17 urban centres show that prices of eight items dwindled slightly, while prices of 22 items increased. Furthermore, prices of 239 household items stayed stagnant.
Commodities which registered a rise increase in price were onion, potato, tomato, chicken, egg, beef, mutton, sugar, wheat flour, rice, fresh milk and LPG, while price of petrol, diesel, kerosene, banana, garlic, mong pulse, mustered oil, vegetable ghee decreased. Price trend during the week under review shows that price of one kg chicken increased to Rs 155 from Rs 148, dozen eggs to Rs 74.35 from Rs 70.15, one kg onion to Rs 15.82 from Rs 14.99, one kg pulse to Rs 71.69 from Rs 70.69, LPG (11 kg cylinder) to Rs 1322.66 from Rs 1258, chicken price to Rs 155 per kg from 148, one kg beef to Rs 231.85 from Rs 231.26, one kg mutton to Rs 448.66 from Rs 446.31, sugar to Rs 70.83 from Rs 70.58, rice irri-6 to Rs 43.31 from Rs 42.88, one litre fresh milk to Rs 56.17 from Rs 56.12 and per kg wheat flour to Rs 29.57 from Rs 29.18. Furthermore, average price of per dozen bananas declined to Rs 58.26 from Rs 59.97, garlic to Rs 152.30 from Rs 159.29, one kg loose packed vegetable ghee to Rs 165.91 from Rs 166.37, one kg washed moong pulse to Rs 139.91 from Rs 139.97, one liter petrol to Rs 84.61 from Rs 87.56, litre diesel to Rs 92.92 from Rs 94.88, kerosene to Rs 96.58 from Rs 96.73 and one kg red chillies to Rs 253.26 from Rs 253.70.

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