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India abandons quest for permanent UN Security Council seat

The intensive six-year campaign by India and three other aspirants for permanent seats on the UN Security Council— Brazil, Germany and Japan—has fizzled out for lack of support among member states, and even led to divisions within the so-called Group of Four.
The collapse of the G-4 drive for permanent membership on the world body’s high table becomes obvious from it’s recent letter to General Assembly President Joseph Deiss requesting him to resume the inter-governmental negotiations on reforming the 15-nation Council, a process they had abandoned and went on to circulate a resolution seeking expansion in permanent and non-permanent categories.
But the resolution, which the G-4 thought would be a short-cut to their goals, won—in their own words — 80 pledges of the support—not even a simply majority in the 192-member Assembly when 128 votes, or two-thirds majority, is required.
Critics of G-4 pointed out that since the resolution had not been tested on the floor of the Assembly, even their claim of 80 member states, as mentioned in the G-4 letter, could be a bit of exaggeration.
“This (the claim of 80) is an admission of defeat, to say the very least … a shattering blow to their ambitions,” a European diplomat said.

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