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APML criticises leadership

All-Pakistan Muslim League (APML) leader Javed Badar on Friday said Pakistan was going through the darkest age of its history. He said the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz together had pushed Pakistan a 100 years behind its time. He said innocent citizens were being killed in Karachi everyday and responsible people, while calling in the name of democracy, had become the pharaohs of this age.
“The leaders enjoy high class security, leaving the common man to face terror attacks,” he added. With the government on the agenda of cleaning up national treasury, the APML was the only party showing solidarity with the people of Karachi and protesting against the leadership, said Badar.

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  1. buy dissertation said:

    Being the native of this nation , this is true that Pakistan is facing the worst time ever in the history. Because our leaders are using Public as a ticket word to fulfill their self interest. Our politicians have nothing to do with problems of native.

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