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Lahore Zoo flooded with record number of visitors

The Lahore Zoo, a leading recreational venue in the metropolitan, has topped in attracting a massive rush of people during the last two weeks. On June 26, first time ever in its 139-year history, the zoo was visited by 33,000 people in a single day, making a record income of Rs 0.385 million.
The Lahore Zoo, established in 1872, is one of the largest zoos in South Asia. It was the host of the fifth annual conference of the South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation (SAZARC) in 2004; also considered the fourth oldest zoo in the world. As compared to other venues such as the Racecourse Park, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Jallo Park and renowned picnic spots in the provincial metropolis, Lahore Zoo has become a recreational magnet for the past two weeks.
The Lahore Zoo data, exclusively available with Pakistan Today, shows that in 2009-2010, 2.5 million visitors visited the zoo, bringing an income of Rs 3.1 million. In 2010-2011, the zoo attracted 3.1 million people and received a massive amount of Rs 3.8 million. During the last two weeks, around 0.145 million people visited the zoo, which is fairly above the number of people visiting any other recreational spot in Lahore.
Lahore Zoo Director Dr Zahid Iqbal Khan, talking to Pakistan Today, said, “We provide healthy atmosphere to our visitors. Our staff works whole day only for betterment of the zoo environment. We perform our duty honestly and a large number of public presence shows we are working successfully.”
He said that he took charge of the zoo a few months ago and introduced new things such as animal rides besides concentrating on providing neat and clean milieu to visitors. Zahid requested people not to litter the zoo and avoid feeding animals, as it disturbs their feeding schedule.
Zoo Maintenance Engineer Muhammad Azam said, “We are happy to see a massive public presence; we have tried our best to make the zoo attractive for the public.” Lahore Zoo Accountant Muhammad said that a large number of people have started visiting the zoo recently. On June 26, almost 33,000 people visited the zoo and Rs 0.385 million were received in a single day, which is a record in history of the Lahore Zoo. Visitor Raza Khan said, “The zoo environment is so different now and I like coming here.”
He said that the zoo staff treated visitors courteously and the tuck shop sold water and other eatables at the market rate. Raza said that with increasing inflation, the zoo provided affordable and quality recreation to the problem-struck public.
Zaheera, 11, said, “I like birds and animals and I am very happy to come here. I liked the tall man and elephant ride too.”

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