Forces flush out Afghan militants from Upper Dir | Pakistan Today

Forces flush out Afghan militants from Upper Dir

Pakistani security forces and volunteers from a tribal militia succeeded in flushing out militants hiding in several parts of Barawal in Upper Dir on Thursday after two days of clashes following a cross-border raid by Afghan militants, but a curfew-like situation persisted in the area, with no traffic on the roads and complete suspension of everyday business.
Officials in the area said security forces personnel and volunteers from the tribal militia had continued action against the militants throughout Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, however some of the militants managed to flee under cover of darkness.
Reportedly, the forces apprehended a suspected militant attempting to escape who had apparently been separated from his accomplices in the fighting. Two Computerised National Identity Cards were seized from the suspected militant, whose arrest brought the total number of militants arrested in the last two days to four.
Local officials and tribal militia chief Malik Muhammad Shad said eight militants had been killed in the clashes and dead bodies of at least three militants were still in the possession of the militia. They said the militants had destroyed three schools, three houses, 15 shops and a mosque with explosives. They said the militants also abducted several people, including tribal militia volunteers.

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