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‘Geo-Political Leadership Day’ marks successful completion of YLC 2011

On the sixth and last day of the Young Leaders Conference (YLC), the Geo-Political Leadership Day, participants got together to discuss how they could commit to good governance and make a difference in their communities; what was their vision for change; how they could earn the trust of their stakeholders; involve people from the communities to help themselves and how they would manage challenges and pitfalls.
Imran Khan, led the keynote session, “Power Plan: What Would You Do If You Had the Reins?” to incorporate, amongst the participants, an attitude of uniting for change. This session encouraged participants to think and find solutions to problems.
Solutions discussed to make this happen were that participants could choose to set up a new organisation, work on their own, build a team or join an existing organisation. For this, they were given three months, after which they would have to submit a report of the community work they undertook. Only then would they be awarded a Certificate of Implementation.
Four youth parliamentarians presented their views, as a panel, on how youth should get intensely involved in the political process to steer the Nation towards growth. They emphasised that by sitting back and blaming; nothing would change.
They highlighted how the Youth Parliament, initiated by Abrarul Haq, through the extensive training, took up the role of good governance. In the afternoon, participants said their goodbyes, and shared what they had learnt, how they had grown.

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