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Bhuttoism is alive

A senior PPP leader has said that Bhuttoism is alive even today. However, I tend to agree with another very senior political leader, Wali Khan, who Bhutto had put behind bars. When released, he wanted to uproot Bhuttoism from the body politics of Pakistan.

Bhuttoism, which is another name for Populism, has destroyed the economy of Pakistan. Public sector corporations are being used as parking places for incompetent cronies. They have become so sick that they cannot even be privatised, costing the nation hundreds of billions every year. The Dismissed Workers Ordinance is being used to reemploy all dismissed workers irrespective of why they were dismissed and with back salaries extending over decades. The only graph that is going up is PPP’s vote bank.

Yes Sir, Bhuttoism is very much alive today but Pakistan is dying.