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CJP urges lawyers to uphold constitution

Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Thursday urged the lawyers to uphold the cause of constitution and rule of law, which guarantees fair and equal treatment, irrespective of status and promotes human values for the welfare of the citizens. Speaking at the oath-taking ceremony of newly elected office bearers of Islamabad High Court Bar Association, he said that apart from their professional role, lawyers also have a social duty to create a culture of rule of law which is the foundation of democracy.
He said in Pakistan, the adversarial system of adjudication is followed where the litigant parties have to prove their case, thus the responsibility of lawyers have increased manifold in our society where there is lack of education, awareness and financial resources to hire a counsel in order to protect ones legal rights. He said the Bench and Bar being the wheels of the same chariot of justice should constantly endeavor individually and collectively to enhance the prestige of the judicial organ. He said the lawyers’ community led a historic movement for the supremacy of rule of law, independence of judiciary and the restoration of 1973 Constitution in its real form and spirit.

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