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Unity, Faith, Discipline

It is time that we as a nation, in order to build our damaged image in the comity of nations, must follow Quaid-e-Azam’s guiding principles. To start with, every stakeholder should use the motto of “Unity, Faith, Discipline” as given by the Quaid-e-Azam to the defence forces. We should replace with this motto the various mottos introduced by civilian and military rulers. We will never have a leader more honest, competent and wise then M A Jinnah.

We should have learnt a lesson from East Pakistan tragedy. It is the prosperity and good life of citizen that will make people own the country with unity, not just the religion. Let the faith of every citizen be their personal matter and state have nothing to do with it.

Let there be a rule of law. All those parties that are using religion as a political tool to implement their agendas must be banned.

Those promoting hatred, extremisms, sectarianism must be met with iron hands. Let our armed forces and nukes should be used only to defend Pakistan. Let us be an exemplary Muslim country for other countries, a modern progressive and welfare state.