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International university planned at DHA City

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) plans to establish an international university linked with some major international universities and state-of-the-art health care facilities at its new project of DHA City Karachi (DCK) on Super Highway. This was disclosed at a meeting of the DCK Steering Committee presided over by DHA Administrator Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi on Monday. According to statement issued by the DHA, it was informed by DCK Project Director Brig (retd) Rafique at the meeting that the project’s master planning is entering its stage of initiation of execution measures for physical development on ground, from the advanced master planning stage and the master plan draft is likely to be completed by September this year.
DCK Consultants Team Leader Arif Osmani presented the DCK Economic Development Plan formulated to create functional economicbusiness opportunities in the area, to attract investors and public to the DCK. The recreational feature of the plan includes lake-side park, botanical garden, aviary and a theme park to be established under the Immediate Action Plan. DCK lead concept planner Prof Spiro Pollalis presented a detailed master plan report of Sector 5 and 6 focusing on plots planning in the sector. The DCK, located at 20 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport, is spread over 11,640 acres land.
The DHA Administrator asked the DCK to start work on construction of boundary walls, entrance gates, staff residential accommodation and underground water exploration at the project site under the immediate action plan. “The initiation of developmental activity will give a jumpstart to the project,” he said, hoping that physical structures would soon be visible on ground.
He directed that adequate compulsory open spaces and green spots must be incorporated in the master plan as per international standards and use of curved spaces be made to incorporate cul-de-sac concept in street designing. Qureshi impressed upon the consultants to ensure that the DCK is developed in a way that it provides unique and versatile living, working and recreational facilities to its residents. It was decided at the meeting that the topography and natural landscaping of the area including ridges and natural valleys would be maintained to make the area beautiful and attractive. The committee approved rectangular-shaped plots for the sector and street-based concept of public transport network in DCK for which ample spaces would be left along the roads.
The DCK Steering Committee also approved two interchanges on the Super Highway, one catering for traffic to the downtown recreational area and the other providing access to the residential area. A direct access link from DCK Educational Complex to the neighbouring project of Education City is also planned. Also approved were zonal planning report, land-utilisation plan and roadway master plan of the project.

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