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PU student gets distinction on US scholarship

Punjab University (PU) Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) BS (Hons) student Talal Mustahsan Raza, who was selected for US cultural exchange programme, has returned from US after completing a semester with distinction, after securing 4.00 GPA. He was also one of the two international students on campus to get the student of the month award in five years. Raza departed for US in January 2011 and spent five months in Southeast Community College in Beatrice, Nebraska. Raza was selected for a semester scholarship to study in US by United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan earlier in 2010.
Raza said, “Students have more opportunities in US, they are more technology savvy and the teachers are more organized, that makes it easy for you to study.” He said that the participation in cultural activities helped him to understand the US culture. His activities included tree planting with girls scouts on Youth Day; an international Festival on campus in which Raza set up a stall about Pakistan, displayed certain things from Pakistan and answered different questions of the Americans about Pakistan.

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