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Drug trafficking threatening societies: President

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the drug trafficking is a major social evil that is threatening societies in more than one ways.
In his message on the eve of International Drugs Day on Sunday, he said that Narco trade was increasingly being used by organized criminal syndicates to finance militancy and terrorism.
“As the major victim of militancy it is in Pakistan’s national interest to be an active partner in the fight against drug trafficking. We therefore welcome the observance of the International Drug Day today as it reminds us all to consider ways and means to step up cooperation across geographical boundaries to curb this menace”, he said.
He said that the democratic government had accorded the highest priority to combat narcotics and had also taken several steps in that direction.
President said that Anti-Narcotics Policy 2010 in Pakistan made in consultation with all relevant stakeholders aims to strengthen coordination and control mechanism and mobilize the people for active participation in eradicating drugs.
He said that the policy also focused on drug supply reduction, demand reduction and promoting international cooperation against drugs.
The Drug Control Master Plan 2010-2014 has also been developed in accordance with international best practices, he said.
President said that the government was also working closely with the U.N and other international partners to strive towards a drug-free Pakistan and a drug free world.
Pakistan was also a signatory to all UN and SAARC Conventions on Narcotics, he said.
He said that the Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) have been signed with a number of countries boosting International cooperation in drug control.
He said that “on the international drug day, let us reiterate our resolve to not only make Pakistan drug and violence free but also play a lead role in the international community’s drive to combat the menace of illicit drugs and narcotics. I also wish to compliment the Ministry of Narcotics Control, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and other law enforcing agencies for their efforts in combating drug trafficking and wish them success”.

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