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Several killed in raid on north Nigeria police station

Gunmen raided a police station in northern Nigeria and killed several officers late on Monday, witnesses said, less than a week after an Islamist sect claimed responsibility for a bomb at police headquarters.
The gunmen stole weapons from the police station armoury and also attacked a nearby bank with home-made explosives in the town of Kankara, in the far northern state of Katsina. They were believed to be members of the Boko Haram sect which said it was behind last Thursday’s bombing of the national police headquarters, residents and local media reported.
One witness said the bodies of three policemen and several injured people were taken to hospital after the attack. There was no immediate comment from the police.
A bomb tore through the car park of Nigeria’s national police headquarters last Thursday, killing several people and narrowly missing the country’s police chief who had entered the building moments earlier.

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