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MPs question each other’s faith

Senator Ilyas Bilour of the ANP raised questions on Monday about the beliefs of Senator Mushahidullah Khan of the PML-N after the latter objected to a statement attributed to Bashir Bilour in which he came up with a doctrine of relying on technology instead of God. Senator Khan had invited the attention of the House towards what he termed the issue of the nation and the Ummah, saying: “They (ANP) might be secular but their leaders should not hurt the feelings of the Muslim Ummah.” Slogans of “shame, shame!” sounded in the House, which enraged Senator Bilour, who started questioning the faith of Senator Khan. “I know what calibre of Muslim you are,” Bilour shouted at Khan as the latter said: “ANP can get annihilated, the country can get annihilated, but no one can annihilate the Name of God!”

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