Jordanian minister resigns over planned media curbs | Pakistan Today

Jordanian minister resigns over planned media curbs

Jordan’s Information Minister Taher Adwan said on Tuesday he had resigned in protest over proposed laws which he said restricted freedom of expression and were a setback to the government’s reform plan.
“We were working on democratic laws and I was surprised at the drafting of new laws that restrict freedom of expression and lowers the ceiling of press freedoms,” Taher Adwan told Reuters.
Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit’s government had sent to a new parliamentary session, which begins on Wednesday, amendments toughening penalties on slander and defamation.
“The atmosphere against the media…is contrary to calls for political reforms. It’s clear the forces resisting reform and supporters of corruption have a high voice and are able to abort any true national effort for reform,” he added.

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