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Punjab govt donates Rs 60m to an elite school

There is a popular saying that actions speak louder than the words. A typical such action which speaks volumes about the Punjab government’s double standards on education is its Rs 60 million donation to Chandbagh School, an elite school founded by the late General Ghulam Jilani on the pattern of his alma mater, the Doon School in Dehradun, India, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Sources said it took only a day for the district government in Sheikhupura to pass the grant and hand the cheque over to the school administration. The school is near Muridkey and it has an independent private boarding school housing an entire community of students, teachers and their families, staff, servants and their dependents. The school charges a minimum Rs 60,000 per month from a student.
This elitism has left a big question mark on the Punjab government’s sincerity to provide education to all. Sources said at a time when thousands of schools in the province were without proper buildings, endowing an elite school was a waste of public funds. “In Sheikhupura district alone, hundreds of schools lack basic facilities and don’t even have seats for the children,” sources said. They said Chand Bagh School had enough resources to generate funds for itself and there was no need for the Punjab government or district government to provide the school with huge funding.
“There was no need to fund a school which is already taking huge fees and boarding charges from its students. Rather the school is for the rich not the poor,” said an official. “The education sector in Punjab is facing huge problems due to a lack of funds. Making matters worse, Danish Schools get a huge amount of money every year depriving the conventional school system of basic funding.”
The genesis of Chand Bagh School dates back to 1935-36 when the Doon School in Dehradun, India, opened its doors to the offspring of the elite. In 1985, on the 50th anniversary of the school, a number of the Doon School alumni in Pakistan better known as DOSCOS were invited to participate in the celebrations.
Later General Jilani, a Doon school alumnus, who was then Punjab governor, set up a similar institution in Pakistan. Sources said that General Jilani had cordial relations with the Sharif family and he was instrumental in the Sharifs’ joining politics. Sheikhupura District Coordination Officer (DCO) Mirza Abrar was not available for comment.

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  1. Shahabuddin Shamsh said:

    Mega rich., mega ego maniacs Saharifs can only think of mega projects to fund or build because the money does not come from their own purses but of ruined poor man taxes in last forty five months and they kept their m
    Mumafti opposition’ eyes closed to the destruction wrought by PPP-Z,MQM,ANP,MMA.MLQ.People trusted them wrong. Now when they are waking up they have gone schemes for schemes like failed Suzuki,funding ‘kalma chowks, elite schools than one lakh dilipalitaed schools, ten thousand small roads repaired and bus systems, buses etc.’jis kae houve hum dost,uska dushman asman kuean hoe’.On the other hand PPP-Zardari is using poor man taxes to pre rigg electoral results from day one from poor man taxes by spending in Benzir Income Support Funds,Waseela huk etc and spending billions of poor man money to advertise these schemes at the cost of starving poor man taxes to consolidate their vote bank.But Shariffs are too goof or damn the poor.But zardari is using them like r

  2. MAS said:

    Late Gen. Ghulam Jillani Khan was given 14 square of land free of cost by then government for the Chand Bagh School.

    • Kahisf said:

      Yeah! Just enjoy your elite and………….the public.

    • Ms.Khan said:

      I am admitting my son there if you can high light a little more about it. especially is it very strict regarding use of phone etc any thing which you think is important to know.

  3. Faisal said:

    BEST SCHOOL EVER! And this funding will higher it's education level, students & faculty services!

  4. Baber Xia Khan said:

    Haters Keep hating.
    CBS was the best and will stay the best..
    best 4 years of my life.

    • kashif said:

      Yeah you can buy a pizza for lunch…………..but million of us don't have a single penny to buy a bread for a faint baby………..We have rulers just rulers not leaders.

  5. salahuddin Khan said:

    CBS is da best and will be the best … If you guys would have been their you must have known da real worth of CBS … Who da hell are you guys to raise the finger on the politians don't forget that they have been appointed by the help of general public and there is a saying by a very great person i don't exactly remember who said that but it says like " jaisi koom hoti hai waisa he uska leader hota hai " I can bet who so ever is raising fingers on dis goverenment if they would have given a chance they would have been the same ! There is no more unity left in you guys atleast we all cbstians are still united and when ever we hear something bad happened to anyone of cbstian brother we stand for each other and give them support .. We cbstians " groomed to serve "

  6. Ch. Ata Ur Rehman said:

    CBS was the lifetime experience & "We CBSTIAN are groomed to serve"

  7. aftab a butt said:

    Yes CBS is one of the best….but there is always room for improvement.Let me first say that i had the honor to be the administrator of this school.Here is what i did…present ad board at gt road and Sheikhupura side….design of cbs TIE….ALL ROADS NAMED…..WELCOME SIGN….BAKERY INSTALLATION…..PARENTS ROOM with fur,tv,coffee,…MESS IMPROVEMENT…..PLANTATION…..ORCHARDS….SPORTS GROUNDS….SIGN POSTINGS,,,,HOUSE LOGOS and much much more…i then visited school after few years and no major improvement was done….My view is that if the management gets out of SHAMMA ALEEM and her husband ALEEM,who was involved in plagiarism …this school has the potential of equaling OXFORD and any such world class school……i would request the CBStians TO CONTRIBUTE for the improvement of management…….i wish CBS the best of future.Those who are now in practical life have a serious role to play…come on CBStians.

  8. Bilal Ahmad said:

    the information about the fees is incorrect. Being a student our monthly fees is Rs.25000 on average depending on your expenses and hardly exceeds Rs.30000 per month and . It covers all academic, boarding and other expenses and is relatively much economical than other schools and after all it is a boarding School which sets it apart from other schools. SO as everybody knows Media adds their spice to degrade political parties and this time they have chosen to use an Educational Institution's name to degrade them. SO "Pakistan today" Beware when you post such news and comments about our school next time. i am sure that the person who has wrote this article has not seen Chand Bagh School. I will recommend you to see this worldly Paradise for Lucky Students first and then write an article……………

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