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US confirms number of military personnel in Pakistan reduced

US has confirmed that following a request from the government of Pakistan, the number of United States military personnel in Pakistan has been reduced.
According to US Embassy Spokesman “We recently received a written request from the Government of Pakistan to reduce the number of U.S. military personnel here, and we have nearly completed that reduction,” said Chief of the Office of the Defense Representative-Pakistan Vice Adm. Michael LeFever.
“We’ve been honored to partner with the Pakistan military and we believe our service members here provide excellent support to Pakistan’s military in the fight against violent extremists.”
U.S. military personnel in Pakistan include trainers who work with Pakistani security forces. The total number of U.S. military forces in Pakistan is determined at the request of and in conjunction with the government and military of Pakistan. When the Government of Pakistan requests assistance, the U.S. remains ready to help with the security requirements of Pakistan, said LeFever.

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