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Rangers murder unarmed boy in cold blood

Pakistan Rangers personnel shot dead 17-year-old Sarfaraz Shah at Boat Basin in Karachi on Wednesday, claiming that he was killed in an encounter after he was caught mugging people in the area, a private TV channel reported.

Video footage of what can only be described as a cold-blooded murder of an unarmed civilian, however, surfaced later in the day, showing a group of Rangers personnel roughing up a young man, then one of them tossing him to the ground and shooting him in the abdomen with his rifle from mere feet away as his colleagues looked on.

Sarfaraz was seen begging the Ranger for his life, but the Ranger – on a power trip similar to the one displayed by Frontier Corps personnel in Kharotabad a few weeks ago, who killed 5 unarmed Russian nationals on “suspicion” of being armed suicide bombers – shot him heartlessly.

Sarfaraz was the brother of journalist Salik Shah. A case was registered against Rangers Alam Zeb and Akhtar on Salik’s behalf on Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah’s orders after Sarfaraz’s relatives and friends staged a protest sit-in outside CM’s Secretariat.

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  1. Anon said:

    What's new? Rangers are low-life and cowards!

  2. noman said:

    more embarrassing is the apathy of ppl busi luxuries of their life, me too ;(

  3. wanz said:

    kash hum zinda kom hotay. hum to murda ho chukay hain. jis din rehman malik ko koi goli maray ga us din pata chalay ga.

  4. humayunkhan said:

    kash is wakt ma karachi ma hota. to in ranjar polic ko kaliften ma latkaki our adhy gosht katkar logo kily nishani ibrat banaty.ma zardary,gilani & kiyani sa pouchta ho ki ap mary ho k zinda.rehman malik ko to sorhy fatiha nahi ata to in kiya shikwa ??????????
    laken khuda ka liy is bibas koom ka bacho ko mat maro pls pls & pla

  5. zafar iqbal said:

    There must have been reasonable grounds forcing rangers to shoot the guy. Robbers, dacoits, target killers and terrorist should dealt similarly. Whole world knows that the guy would have been released by courts because of poor investigation and lack of evidence and because no one stands as witness against culprits. Our Parliament/assembly people are backing up culprits by not making effective legislation which can help transparent speedy fairy justice.

    I back up my serurity forces.

    • Altamash Khan said:

      Who has given the right to the Rangers or Police to shoot an unarmed person or criminal when he is already been caught? Jaise Insaniat khatam hogayee hai..
      Even if the Boy was a criminal caught red handed trying to steal or rob people, there is no justification in shooting him on spot after he was already arrested.
      I also back up my Military but not the Rangers and Police for their behaviors like these. This is an act caught on camera, otherwise the Official Rangers press release is that the boy was killed in an ENCOUNTER, which is not the fact.
      We hear these encounter news stories very often and who knows what actually happened as their is no evidence except the official statements that it was an encounter.

    • Gabriel said:

      there must be reasonable reasons for that government keeps deceiving people. I'll list it to you:
      1) self interest above anaything else
      2) endless corruption
      3) they are politicians, all they know is to lie

  6. muhammad aslam said:

    This murder is just like a drone attack on unarmed people by pakistani rangers, the people who are already died by electricity attacks, petrol pumps, and gas missiles.

  7. Fayyaz Karim said:

    A heinous crime committed by our brave rangers.

  8. umair khan said:

    bohat afsos hay khuda ki ksm yr aisa to na krte yr

  9. Afaq said:

    The killing of a human in this way is most regrettable. One cannot think about the suffering of the deceased family and loved ones. But please think about the number of persons nowadays being killed and made orphans by the culprit peoples whose numbers have not only been increased enormously during this period but also these are well organized and have strong backing from several quarters around us serving the interests of others . The presence of such people have been noticed recently in several parts and departments of the country .The way this regrettable incident staged, recorded and projected on media seems to be serving their ill designs. Please don’t forget the emergence of Bangladesh out of similar happenings. I myself am very much moved to see all this but I pray God from the depth of my heart to make me wise enough to understand the situation and covey others for not to be used against the interest of their own mother country.

  10. Atif Kamal said:

    Agree with Altamash. Killing of an unarmed youth is most regrettable. Our law enforcing must ensure the legal way of crushing crimes and or criminals otherwise who is going to trust on agencies like police, rangers and armed forces.

  11. M.AKRAM NIAZI said:

    Some Facts about murder of a boy by rangers in Karachi.
    It is a fact that boy has done some wrong thing, that was the reason that he was so much frightened and was begging pardon from rangers personnel.
    Due to some wrong doing boy have become hyperactive and emotional.
    Boy was not going to be calm down instead of many instructions of ranger’s personnel.
    Boy instead of becoming calm down and staying on its place was moving forward towards personnel who was having most sophisticated weapon, which is making the move of boy suspicious and causing irritation and alarm in rangers personnel.
    It is fact that ranger person who has fired on boy is also looking like a boy and not a mature person.
    It was the responsibility of other ranger’s personnel to keep away the boy from the young ranger's person who was having most sophisticated person.
    But other rangers personnel are looking very confused and panic and don’t have ability to control a boy who in fact was caught and beaten initially by a single ranger person, but later on we find that 6 rangers person were unable to handle and control this young boy.
    After shooting rangers persons and public failed to help the boy which is a great crime against humanity, all rangers and civilian people who were present there including camera man should be brought to justice for not helping a boy who was wounded and was going to die.


    • Olyne said:

      He died.
      There is NOT reason on earth to kill someone, they must bring ALL OF THEM rangers present that very moment to justice, and not just the happy trigger one. It just demostrates how ignorant, stupid and untrained those so called "rangers" can be.

  12. Moe said:

    Is qoum par azab is liyah hi aa rahay hain kiyoun kay is pakistani muashray main humesha mazloom ka qatal ho ta hay zalim apna zulum say humesha bartar rahta hay. Pakistaniyoun apni halat sudhar loo khuda kay watay warna aik din tumhara aurr tumharay mulk ka naam o nishan mit jayee ga. aur woh din durr nahi. jab tak tum log khud apni halat sudhar na nahi chahoo gay tumhain aisay hi lutairay hukumran milain gay jis ki saltanat main rozana Sarfraz jaisay larkoon ka without any reason murder hoga aurr is sara ka sara azab tum Pakistaniyoun par hi aayega kiyoun kay tum ullu kay pathay hoo tumhain nahi pata sahee kiya hay aur ghalat kiya hay. Tum log apni taqdeer khud sahee nahi karna chahtay hoo tumlog mazloom ka haq martay hoo ghalat loogon ko apna hukumran banatay hoo ghalat kam kartay ho choor bazaree kartay hoo tum sab dakkuu ho agar sarfraz dakkuu tha to yah bataoo kuttay kay bachoon pakistan main konsa aadme dakkuu nahi hay. Pakistan ka har aadme aik shaitan hay
    Mujhay sharm mahsoos hote hay apnay aap ko pakistani kahtay huay. Magar mujhay khushee hay kay main ab us muashray say buhat durr hoon

  13. TearsofAlla said:

    You sick fucking savages killing a boy begging for mercy, You murders have brought shame to your fathers house for eternity.

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