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Zawahri urges Pakistanis to stand against their leaders

Al-Zawahri suggested Pakistanis on Wednesday to storm against their military and political leadership that have been engaged in proxy war of United States.

Al-Zawahri also blasted the United States for burying bin Laden at sea and urged the Pakistani people to rise against the country’s military rulers and politicians, describing them as “traitors.”

In a 28-minute video posted on a websites, Al-Zawahri paid a tribute to the slain al Qaeda chief, saying he “terrified America” when he was alive and would continue to do so in death.

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  1. guest said:

    If we had just one unpolluted political party or department/office or institution or force we could trust we would stand up. Unfortunately whole bunch is rotten to the core and absolutely incompetent. We don't even have a place tom debate our problems. Its the true tower of babble. We can only leave for otherplaces

  2. Shamshudin Qamar said:

    MR Zawahri.Why should you kill innocent poor Pakistani civilians and defense forces?By weakening our defense forces,you strengthen our enemies and only serve their purpose and of their toadies of staying permanently in region and . You should strengthen Mulla Omar' freedom struggle to free Afghanistan from occupation of NATO,UK,USA collaborated by India.If they leave Afghanistan,the region gets rid of their treacherous toadies who serve their purpose of staying indefinitely in power and plunder billion of dollars in corruption.

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