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Remembering Golden Temple 1984

Members of the Sikh community in Pakistan held a memorial for the 1984 attack on the Golden Temple in

Amritsar in front of the Lahore Press Club on Monday.
They sloganeered against the Indian government for the attack which killed as many as 1,500 Sikhs. Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbabdha committee President Sardar Saham Singh said, “June 6, 1984 is the worst day in Sikh history.: 27 years on, the wounds of the Golden Temple military attack remain fresh.”

“Freedom is the basic right of humanity. Truth, braveness and sacrifice of Sanat General Singh and others shall be commemorated all over the world,” he said.
“In East Punjab and Delhi, the Sikh community is leading a suppressed life and they have lost trust in the Indian courts,” he added.
Singh highlighted that according to a Human Rights Committee Report, the Indian government had killed 2.5 million Sikhs across borders. He said the attack on the Golden Temple and assassinations of Sikh Sardars were proof of the Indian government’s terrorism.

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