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Beauty in the remains of war and natural disasters

“What is lost is as compelling to me as what remains, so there is a connection between war or natural disasters and what they leave behind,” says artist Tara Rashid.
The ferocious energy depicted in the war scenes and subdued burqa clad women in Rashid’s artwork are deeply reflective of her feelings and compassion for suffering of human life and the depravity of freedom.
She communicates through powerful images opposing atrocities, injustice, cruelty, and massive and insensible destruction to human lives – the unaccountable horrors of war.
Some of her images are direct questions to the perpetrators of war. She brilliantly sketches the forceful impositions by religious fanatics and inhumane treatment of women.
Her images convey perpetrators as devoid of reason and logic, vehemently portraying judgment and reason coming from human mind that could be destructive, disruptive, hopeless and a source of discontinuity.
Rashid studied fine arts at the University of California, Los Angeles and graphic design at the California State University, Northridge.
Joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic, her tribute to nature is overflowing lavish, abstract landscapes that include natural disasters like fire.
The lush green hills and the deep blue Pacific Ocean of Newport Beach, California in her works instantly bring a sense of calmness. However, Rashid expresses the opposites and truly comes in full circle with reality.
Photos courtesy Zanbeel Art

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