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Nawaz Sharif denounces absence of consensus over Abbottabad commission

PML-N head, Mian Nawaz Sharif has strongly denounced the absence of consensus over forming the commission to probe the American incursion of Abbottabad.
Talking to media after his condolence visit to the family of martyred Navy Lieutenant Yasir Abbas, at the residence of Col (R) Jaffer Abbas, father of the martyr, he berated the recent statement of Naval chief that attack and destruction at PNS Mehran was not security lapses (!).
“The statement of the Naval chief that ‘this was not a security lapse’ was like pouring boiling oil over simmering fire; than why weren’t there any foolproof security arrangements for the base? “, he retorted.
Declaring his grief over loss of other equally precious lives, he said that if well advanced preparations had been taken for the security of the base and earlier Naval buses attacked, so many precious lives and assets would/could have been saved.
He strongly advocated merit award for martyred Lt. Yasir Abbas over his great sacrifice in the line of duty, and responding to media questions, said that timely and effective enquiries of previous attacks on GHQ, Abbottabad, Naval buses of Karachi and other bombing attacks could have prevented this colossal loss of military assets and lives. He also advocated forming commissions to probe all these attacks, as well.
“ Even there still is time for rectifications over one’s mistakes, lest it might be too late for any further chances of rectifications” he reasoned, adding that accountability was the best prescription for a Nation’s survival.
Replying to a question of formation of commission over the American incursion of Abbottabad, he said that PML-N would respond to the unilateral decision of forming this commission in the parliamentary meeting of party; reminding that the resolution governing this issue was not of PML-N alone, but was approved jointly by both houses of Parliament.
“But there was no respect for such jointly approved resolutions, and even the letter written by Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to PM, in which some names were also recommended, but was not responded to” he complained, adding that similar treatment had also been meted to the verdicts of The Supreme Court, which could possibly force a suicidal Judicial coup.
Declaring the recent murder of renowned journalist Salim Shazad, as very tragic, he said that the occurrence had disturbed him since morning, and said that Provincial government would probe the issue, since it occurred in its Provincial jurisdictions.
He informed that Mian Shahbaz Sharif had announced enquiry orders over the issue, and also urged on media to form its own 5-member journalistic enquiry commission to probe the tragedy, alongside federal government.

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