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OSFA organises first-ever fashion show

Oasis Society of Fine Arts (OSFA) Gujranwala organised a first-ever mega fashion show in the city in which 45 models walked on the ramp while music performances created enthusiasm among nearly 500 participants. As per details, a large number of summer collections of local designers and boutiques were introduced by the members of the OSFA and students of universities and colleges. Being first of its kind in the city, the organisers did not dare to introduce female models at ramp but female singers and a brilliant classic dancer Jalib surprised the audience by their performances. OSFA Chairman Khalid Rehman promised to continue positive entertainment activities in the city to get rid of frustration among the youth while programme organiser Aini Faisal said the people of Gujranwala deserved such activities and added that unprecedented response reflected their intentions as well.

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  1. salman said:

    totally a c class event… and program goes very bad, 35 out of 50 models are totally un familiar of how to walk on ramp, the ramp was totally like a wedding stage.we request as the citizen of state, that don t give such imp or place to such class who are disturbing the face of fashion industry.the staff and command both are using the freedom in wrong sense.
    we condemn and request to remove this news from internet.pakistan today is a responsible paper and we read it proudly but dont mess our taste from such news.
    Responsible Paper Reader.

    • nimra said:

      U are consultative. Do u attend any Fashion Show in Gujranwala.No No No Because no body have ability to think about it and also do.So Appreciate those peoples . Encouraging them dont negative comment about Show.

      • salman said:

        em the fashion designer …and they contact me for there support..if we r working with some thing we must be very carefull for the events…how can we appericaite those who dont even know any thing related to fashion…putting 40 guys on the stage is not any serving of fashion industry.

    • mr_dj said:

      Salman kindly give me ur contact number muje ap se kaam hai but i can't share on it yaar .:)

  2. ali said:

    i am not agreed with mr salman and mr muzafar.

  3. nomi said:

    Fashion Show is well organized.We like it very much.

  4. hina said:

    Thats is a chance for new talent to promote himself on media.

  5. nomi said:

    i like it.bohat acha tha kepp it up,next time i will be the model

  6. salman said:

    upper comments all are send by one person and one sided …
    this is the biggest draw back of this org…
    Down Down OSFA Down

  7. Amir said:

    All over the world the models have a great love for this industry,
    we appericiate the idea of this ORG. but enthusism of the models and org is not positive..i arranged several events and attend such events al over the globe but never saw such bad management.I request to the city district govement to ban such events on the name of fake fashion shows/

  8. ali said:

    Program was not organised by osfa…basically this event was managed and created by a young Boy RIZWAN SODAGER of gujranwala well known family..Osfa cheat the organizers.

    • khalid rehman khalid said:

      rizwan sodager was jst choreographer not a organizer

  9. Hasham said:

    ibtida to ho gaee hai.ulluo shukkar na kerna .hamesha rote rehna.
    Agar itni himat the to khud ker lete show.
    Mubarkan Mubarkan Khalid Sb.

  10. ayan butt said:

    wataaaaaa bkwas show dil krta tha k utar ki chpal maro sab k jis ne kraya tha ye show us ki maaa ki anhk kisi na kam ka show bas paisy mathan lai tusi show wasty mondy tyar kithy ne
    twano te la k joti gaala kadniya chadiyaaa ne
    tusi baz kio nai andy oooo bagirtooo baazz ao ma peooo apne bachy no any mushikl de nal paisy dendy ne ne tusi 1 min nai landye math lende ooo mathoooo lanat twadye te

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