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Pakistan returns Indian most wanted list for corrections

Pakistan has returned the Indian list of most wanted terrorists to India with some objections and asked the neighbouring country to recheck how many people included in the list were still in India.
Sources told Online that the list was handed over to Pakistan by Indian authorities on May 2 and contained the names of 50 alleged terrorists, which, according to India, were involved in various subversive activities there. India had demanded that Pakistan hand over the alleged terrorists.
“However, after taking thorough review Pakistan has objected that one terrorist out of list was arrested from India, while another was already in the custody of Indian intelligence agency CBI, which shows the negligence of Indian authorities in preparing the list. India should ensure that no other person included in the list is in India before handing the list to Pakistan again,” said the sources.
Foreign Office Spokeswoman Tehmina Janjua said that Pakistan had sought clarification from India about the mistakes in the list. She said that Pakistan would review the matter when India gave a correct list to Pakistan.

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