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Kuwait didn’t ban visas for Pakistanis: FO

The Foreign Office on Monday rejected as baseless the news item published in some Kuwaiti newspapers, claiming that entry and work permit visas would not issued to Pakistani nationals. “The Embassy of Kuwait in Islamabad has confirmed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the news item published in some Kuwaiti newspapers, claiming that entry visas and work permit visas for Pakistani nationals have been stopped, is baseless and incorrect,” said a foreign office statement. The embassy had further assured that the Kuwaiti government had not issued any instructions about the subject.

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  1. Amin Sargana said:

    Pakistanis working abroad specially in GCC countries are contributing a lot in the development of GCC countries and should not be deprived from the opportunity of working in GCC countries. Any unwanted Pakistanis can be deported if they become a part of any Security Risk in GCC countries. Pakistan requires full support of muslim ummah under the current circumstances prevailing in Pakistan.

  2. Ishfaq Hussain said:

    I like to bring in the record of FO Islamabad That i am working in UAE since more than 4 years as engineer and accepted recently offer from one of the Kuwaiti companies. They asked the required papers for visa and i provived all in End of Feb 2011. In mrach they advised me to resign from current company as the visa will be out in a couple of weeks but unfortunately it was prolongged and last April 27, 2011 they informed me that Pakistanis visa are restrcited by govt of Kuwait and they remoevd my visa application. I went to Dubai consulate of Pakistan but nobody give me guidance what to do??? I request the FO Islamabad, if visa restrictions is not ture then kindly advise me how to proceed for my case with the company…

  3. Umair said:

    FO Islamabad is either simply ignorant or they are lying, Kuwait has banned Pakistanis completely as me myself is recent visa rejection victim

  4. zuhaib said:

    now when pakistani visas are open 9in kuwait can any one tell me ???????????

    • yasir said:

      working Visas wont open!

      family Visas may open since they have a lot family building (flate) for rent which are not occuppied

  5. Nasir said:

    Pakistani FO is lying, the visas are banned i went to Salmiya office for my family visit visa and they are not even accepting any applications from Pakistanis..

    They should close Pakistan embassy in Kuwait it is totally worthless embassy, with no support to Pakistanis residing in Kuwait.

    • masood said:

      aap thik keh rahe ho aisa hi karna chahiye

  6. ASIF ABBAS said:


  7. TANWEER said:


  8. malik said:

    I dont know why pakistani FO peoples and even pakistani embassy wants to hide a truth. As everyone in kuwait knows kuwait ban visas for 5 countries.. let anyone of them will go to the imegration office and ask them for visa then these peoples would know visas are baned or no.

  9. rockzz pooh said:

    when pakistani family visas are open in kuwait ?
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me…..i beg uuu…..plzzz…..mujhe koi tu bataado….. !!

    • salman khan said:

      i want to tell you rockzz pooh kuwait did open famley visa for pakistan
      yes famley visa is open now 15/11/2011 ok please preyer for me kuwait kam wale vise bhe pakistan ke leye khol de allah kareameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen im preying frome 4 years

      • amir said:

        brother plz tell me work visas are open or is not open then have u any idea when kuwait open viisas

  10. Pathan said:

    All sorts of visa have been banned for Pakistan by Kuwaiti government, which is 100% true. Pakistani officials are lying and anxious to show people the other side of the picture.
    Shame on Pakistani Government.

    • mehak said:

      cud you pls guide me dat when visas 'll open ????
      um v w0rried ab0ut it 🙁

  11. irfan said:

    After reading all comments; Don,t you feel guys that there is some mistake from outside.There should be institution from government or private . who can tell us when we are going abroad ; how we have to behave in other countries. There is some reason that every country is banning visas for Pakistanis.There should me some session with foreign or human resource management center, when we apply for visa or passport in this aspect.How we should behave in other countries and how we can play our role not only for the betterment of the target country and more specific for Pakistan. No doubt Our embassies are just bullshit ; they even create more problems for Pakistanis in spite helping them.
    Like in other aspects of life ; I think this is time . We should asses ourselves also , why every country is allowing Indian and accepting them .we should also consider this aspect ; how we are representing ourselves in other countries ,how we live in those countries as a citizen, Do we obey their laws and cultures limitations.
    May be there are many negative answers and may some one stand with me .

  12. shahzad raja said:

    oh bhai even the families who are here in kuwait and their visa process was half way. they even cnt stay now here as they have issued visa from pakistan and they gave entry here in kuwait. finished medical process, fingures and health insurance every thng is done and now they are saying you cnt get residency permit due to this shit. shame on us bhai and specially the embassy and embassador here in kuwait because he is still sleeping and saying there is no alarming situation yet. they all are incompetent bhai…

    • Abdul Rahim Musri said:

      Very gooz sharar raga. your commot are very gooz and accurate. This must been seen by other as well inclouding the govarmant of asaf zardai who is only interastoung in making cash only. he will not do anythang becoz he don'nt get commission from oversear pakistani. no matter what you said no improvmont in the situaation. May be you talk rahman malik as he is jack of all trade and master of none. he may be able to convenace zaradi on this this. Ambasodar here is a useless person he is same type of chutia as all govrmnermont officeb are

  13. DOCTORS said:


  14. Sohaib baig said:

    Kuwait immigration stopped new iqama stamping, those having valid visa are nt able to get residency

    • yasir said:

      Its not true…
      ppl are getting residancy renewal.

  15. Anonymous said:

    I am living in kuwait.. And ppl here r not able to get visit visas for their loved ones.. What a step taken by a muslim country that not even a secular state has taken… Shame…

  16. sonia said:

    i m in pak n my husband has got job in kuwait he went there 4 months back.he applied for our visa but he refused becose visas are baned.we are so much tensed plzzzzzz tell us when will visa opens

    • onnpk said:

      Its impossible.. Kuwait is hell now for Pakistanies.. & our Govt. is not taking tension of it…

      Allah.. Please Pakistani Governemnt kay sab logo ko apnay pass bulla lo.. mout day do in ko…

    • Zubair Khan said:

      Dear Sister,

      Its very hard to tell when visa will open , but inshallah after Kuwait election there is hope to lift the ban.

      pray for that because my wife also waiting to open visa.

  17. MiMi said:


  18. Faris said:

    1) Liar Pakistani FO
    2) Useless Pakistani embassy in Kuwait
    3) Useless government of Pakistan
    4) Nearly every family is now suffering due to these visa ban as vacations are starting and we cant even call our loved ones here.
    5) Stop voting for PPP, you dumb Pakistanis

    • onnpk said:

      100% agree with you Faris… Kuwait have big Pakistani community .. but totally useless…

  19. Mirza Zulfiqar Baig said:

    As of today i.e. June 15, 2011, Kuwait is not even stamping residence (Iqama) for those familities including children and infants who had entered legally and passed through all legal requirement to stamp residence (Iqama), i.e. Medical and Finger prints.etc..A lot of Pakistani familiies including my family now a days very tense because without any reason Kuwait Immigration is not stamping residence. Its a worrisome situation in Kuwait for Paksitanis. We have approached Pakistan Embassy in Kuwait but they are just useless and are not doing anything. We have also phoned tried to Approach Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar-Minister of State but we could not reach her. We have sent faxes to Mr. Manzoor-ul-Haq-Director General-Middle East Affairs for oversease Pakistanis-Islamabad but no use. We have also appealed thru the official website of President Zardari but no action taken. Seems like no Pakistani Government exists..no care for Pakistanis..no respect of Pakistanis..PPP's government is just useless…we are very much disappointed and there is no one to help…

  20. syedalamzeb said:

    Dear. Brother and Sister!
    FO PAKISTAN , deals with the visa issue of Foriegn Office and secretary visa's not Pakistani visa- for this regard you can email at"

    [email protected]

  21. zain said:

    Aslaam-0-Alykum 2 all brother and sister we should request to our pakistani media that rise visa ban issue nd give us good output. plz all bro and sis mail them (GEO NEWS, EXPRESS NEWS, SAMMA NEWS , DUNIYA NEWS etc).

  22. Ansar said:

    Yaar dont go abroad!! Pakistan main he raho aor is k liy kaam karo, Apni neeytoon ko theek karo, aor Pakistan ko mil kar is qabal banao k doosry yahaan aany kaa visa mangy jistarah hum unsy bheek mangty hain!!!

    govertment ko blame mat karo, woh to gandi hay he, par awam ko bhe to kuch karna chahiy!! sab k sab apna gareebaanoon main jhankain aor deikhain k woh Pakistan k liy kiya kar rahy hain!!

    • onnpk said:

      Dear Ansar, Ye sab kehna bohat easy hai meray bhai… karna bohat mushkal.. Pakistan main baith kay looog bhookay nahi marna chahtay… aap batao.. Pakistan nay aaj tak kis talent ki QadaR ki hai… Hamaray players, hamaray genius, hamaray scientist, hamaray singers, hamaray educated people….sab rul jatay hain Pakistan main… to kia ye acha nahi keh wo Pakistan chor dain & kissi oor country main work karain… Pakistan main to zameen say lay kay aasman tak sab ko zaleel kea jata hai.. Political parties nay Pakistan ko word condition tak pohancha dea hai.. curreption ki to had kar di hai… aap chahtay ho keh sab bhookay marrain wapis Pakistan main aa kay…

  23. Aurangzeb wahla said:

    hello my name is aurangzeb. i asked to pakistan goverment,when open the pakistan visa in kuwavit

  24. sehrish said:

    i want to confirm that is that true that family visa’s for pakistanis are no more stopped….family visa for pakistanis are openned…this is true?

  25. zaheer said:

    plz help me zardari govt of pakistan plz help me apni awam ka liya kocha karo

    not balve all country pakistan mumber plz kocha karo plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    nahi tu………….. 1 din isa aya gaya ka Pakistan ka president ko bi kisi country mian nahi jana daya ga plz koch karo

  26. ahmad said:

    aoa m ahmad i must say that our government has shown a brutal act

  27. raja said:

    uff …. i was thinking k kuwait is a muslim country … after completion of my graduating i will visit kuwait but it seem that i will not visit … anyhow no teNsion ,,,, me feel the pain of pEoples who live without their family mEMber ,,,

  28. amjad said:

    Our visa still ban.The families came here 1st time in kuwait,their permit(iqama) will stump INSHALLAH very soon.There is some political problem.

  29. kabir said:

    hey guys… stop yellin on each other, its duh to talk about pakistani government… pakistani visas are completly banned by kuwait due to our terrorism our sins n damn things… I even heard within some years all the pakistanis will be kicked from kuwait seriously wallah… Its very sad to say friends… We are being assholes by our own, we are banned for forever by kuwait… ciao

  30. Nisar said:

    FO is laying I also came here in Kuwait on 23 Feb on commercial visit visa from a Company and now my company is trying to convert my visa to residency but government is not converting my visa even I have paid my all fee including medical, shown and I am also a degree holder and working here as IT Engineer. what Government of Pakistan is doing for us nothing ? who will support us ?

  31. khurram said:

    sirf wja pta chaly ky Q pakistani kuwait nhe ja skty

  32. khurram said:

    kya koi bta skta hy k ye bat such hy ya jhoot? Eid k bad kuwait visa 4pakistani open ho rhy hy?

  33. arslan said:

    hello salam me arslan ahmad from khanewal
    plz some body tell me about visa open of kuwait for pakistani ? or not ?
    plz when open the visa for pakistani ? why the govt of kuwait band the visa for pakistani ? tel me as soon

  34. naeem abbas said:

    plz open ban on pakistanies because my friend is working in kuwait and i wana go ther in order to work with his. it is my request to kuwait government.plzzzzzzz
    naeem abbas
    contac 03316900233

  35. qundeel said:

    i just want to ask when these visas open for us plzzzz when open just send me a mail any body…………………….

  36. Khurram Hanif said:

    Its true, the Family visas for Pakistani are banned from Kuwait Governemt, which is very shamefull for us.

  37. tauseef said:

    Kuwait visa has been opened , i got job visa in karachi before 1 week today is 09-sep-2011 and my ticket is book on 25-sep-2011 my all process has complete , who said visa is closed, no no visit visa, family visa, all visas has open, i was live in before 5 years in Fahaheel, now iam going again after 5 years with new job

    • ATIF said:

      Brother is there any way to getting azad visa?? i am getting good job there but they are not able to provide Visa

  38. waqar said:

    pakistan FO is sleeping and also the government of pakistan they can not do any thing for overseas pakistani ,. i m working in ministry in kuwait and is married in next month in october 2011 but i kuwait has banned the visas, i dont now why the government of pakistan is not doing any effort to request the goverment of kuwait to release the bann, because all the families which are suffering from this order are very very unhappy. i request the authorities to please release this bann.

  39. Imran Saeed said:

    So many Pakistanies all kind of visas rejected during last 6 months.even kuwait immigration not issueing visit or family visa so What is this??

  40. Ahmad malik said:

    I'm lonly here in pakistan my father & mother is also in kuwait my visa expair thats why iam stay in pakistan i really missing my family & kuwait please open the kuwait visa thanks

  41. rose said:

    I came to Kuwait on 24th of April 2011.I already have work permit of my Uncle's company but until now I did'nt get the resideny permit as they said that Visas are ban.but Four days before I read the news in the news paper that that people who paid their fines and have work permit they can have residency permit…. let see when they will sart to make the implementation on this news….

  42. Javeria Asad said:

    for all pakistanies living there in kuwait would u plz help a muslim sister ? yes i know pakistanies dont help much thats why they r so stuck in life with everything..
    and if they would help they would seek what would we get out of it.
    in 2003 i married this guy name Qazi Asad , he lived 2 years with me n then took 4 and half lac from me to get kuwait visa .he said javeria once i would sattle down there i would call u to kuwait .. he not only took money but my gold n 1 lac watch n 6 mobile set n 75 thousand other things n he went to kuwait .. he never took care of his responciblities as husbend he keep on asking me for money with diffrent axcuses k i m stuck in this matter or some one did case on me i need 80 thousand this and that..
    he never told me his location or about his office in kuwait.. he was hidding from me. i only had his mobile number.
    Once he told me to get online when i saw his picture on messnger it had caterpiller monogram i serched the net n got his caterpiller kuwait number through google n made few calls some how the lady on phone i mean catrpiller phone opreter transfer my call to a pakistani guy i beg him to find me about my husbend he said yes he works here in caterpiller as store clark in cat rantal store.
    he also gave me his direct number when i called Asad my husbend said look lady he doesnt work here stop calling here i said i will change last digit of this number n will keep on calling as i knew its him he was my husbend he said ok its me Asad where u got my number . do not creat any problum for me my boss is already mad at me becuse of somthing i might lose my job. he he was shocked how i got his number.
    after when ever i called him he used to stay silent after hearing my voice or cut the line
    i called few other numbers of cat rental store i came accross few of asad my husbend friends they were shocked o know he has wife they said he told us he is single and he has many Philpino girl friends here..
    they asked me for proof i sent them my marrige pictures n marrige pappers copy . this story went to comany boss n he called him in pvt and asked about me he said this girl was my girlfriend in karachi n now blackmailing me for marrige she is not my wife she is lieing..
    they replayed me in email k plz stop calling caterpiller number its ur family matter keep it between u and ur husbend or whatever ..
    i sent them all the pappers of marrige and pictures n i asked them to get it verified by pakistani embasy in kuwait .. u will know who is truthfull
    they did .. n after Asad was kicked out of his job cuz his boss was angry from asad he and his friend imraan were cought chasing American school girls in caterpiller exbition .Asad friends told me cat rental store adminstration was thinking to remove imran and asad from job cuz they stair arround the ladies who work here n few other complains r there also..
    NOW ASAD working in 360 mall n not talking to me .. plz can any one tell me about him u can see his picture in my facebook album. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743932639

    plzz if u know what shop or store he is working in 360 mall kuwait
    inform me on my face book or my id [email protected]

  43. Majid Frooq Warrich said:

    Respected Sir, I want to get information I heard that Respected state of Kuwait stopped the visa for Pakistani national. Is it true

  44. ali said:

    kuwait visa is baned for Pakistanis……..we cannt meet our loved ones i request the kuwait contry plzzzz open visas for Pak….

  45. M.qayyum said:

    when kuwaiti visa open plz tell me any body.for God se.on this number 03006210683

  46. onnpk said:

    How Kuwait embassy in Islamabad refuse this news. We are here sitting in Kuwait & have updates. Even we are visiting immegration office in Kuwait & they says "Pakistan Working, Family, Visit, Family Visit, Commecal Visit" all are ban. This is our Pakistani Govt. responsibility to follow the subjected matter……

  47. baber said:

    why well any poeple is one and pls in join in pakistani viza

    • Muhammad Rafiq said:

      kuwait lift ban for only first Degree family visa for 6 nationalities including pakistan

  48. Abbas said:

    Dear All,

    Kuwait lifts the ban on all type of visa for pakistani nationals on last wednesday 19 Oct 2011 but impose the ban again on very next day mean on thursday 20 Oct 2011. so the ban is currently in place again as it was lift for 4 hrs only. our govt. has no gutts to ask Kuwait govt. that why the put ban again when they lift the ban after almost 7, 8 years.

  49. peacefull said:

    My dearest Pakistanis don’t trust our corrupt Govt. bcoz Pakistani visa are banned since 2 years & now all kind of visa are banned including family visa. Our Prim Minister yousuf reza gillani & our world top corrupt President Zardari visited few months ago but didn’t help to solve the problem Top reasons to banned Pakistani visa

    1-(main top reason) most favorite our brother’s khans/pathans/pakistani passport holder’s Afghanis always bring drugs to Kuwait.

    2-there was news in Kuwait about some people were trying to enter in Kuwait illegal from losted path gumrah taliban’s areas.

    3-Indians entered in Kuwaitis life by following yes sir & doing all kind of work including…. & they don’t want pakis to be in Kuwait.

    4-Our Govt. is not building good relation wid kuwait & not giving any importance seriously to solve these issues.

    bcoz of these reasons no paki can have job in Kuwait no family person can come to help their sick relatives like old mother or women delivery cases or no father/mother can come to Kuwait to go for huj with their son.

  50. Muhammad Kamran said:

    Dear all i appreciate every one on Contributing on Kuwait Visa's Problem for Pakistanis, As i Know from Lot of my friends Working in Oil and Gas Field Kuwait Visas for All Pakistanis is banned Since last one and half Year. And Till today its not opened . I dont know why our Foreign office Lying and Dont take Serious action.

    Muhammad Kamran
    Three Star International Manpower Services(Pakistan)
    Mobile No : 0092-3009719139

  51. bulbul said:

    sir,please tell me when Kuwait lifts ban on family visa for Pakistan.I am so much worried ,I am facing so many problems in my life.

    • RIYAZ said:

      I think they will not open the visa for next few years for pakistan this is what i came to know from the sources

  52. usman said:

    i dnt know y the visa of kuwait will b closed for paksitan mostly paksitani lives n doing job is kuwait
    so i request our goverment plz do something to open the visa of kuwait for pakistan

  53. usman said:

    i request to our govement plz try to do something to open the visa of kuwait plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz n tell when the visa will b opend

    • ali said:

      i m waiting for visa of kuwait when will b opened plz i request our goverment meet with kuwait goverment

  54. ghania said:

    plz tell me clearly when pakistanis visa will be opened for kuwait ? i want to live with my family in kuwait bt i cant due to visa ban please help me.

  55. talal said:

    hello plz open kuwait visa i am 8 year old lived in pakistani school hostel now i want to go back kuwait with my family i m alone in pakistan bt i cannot go back due to visa baned plz help me

  56. m haroon said:

    hy!!! i am ali after all that we thnk that kuwait embsy whould reopen the visas 4 all pakistanis

  57. Asad said:

    Our Embassies and MOFA eithier remain Unaware of the situation or they are simply lying.

    I had been working in Kuwait as a Petroleum engineer for almost 6 years. In Feb 2009, they imposed a ban and didn't give me renewal simply saying ban on visas for Pakistan and it is a blacklisted country. Another of my friend living there and was trying to bring his old parents under medical reasons but the case was simply refused. The company tried in both of our cases hard but useless. Later, I moved to other GCC country.

    Kuwait is a little country in a gulf with rich in Oil resources and expats go there for work. But every now and then they put Pakistan's passport on the visa ban list. They never had good relations with Pakistan and Pakistani govt is not trying to make with them either..

    Although not many criminal case history is proved in Kuwait by Pakistanis but its just there way to measure everyone with a same scale.



  58. Azhar said:

    Pakistani Visas are totally ban in Kuwait and Paki government is sleeping.

  59. Hassan Shah said:

    sir I am Hassan Ali Sahah for karachi pakistan,and i am a mechanical engineer and now i want to work with kuqait engineering companies well my question is how i will get the kuwait visit visa,
    sir why you will ban the kuwait visit visa only for pakistani nations why i want to your answer and i will wait for your positive reply.

  60. Imdad Ahmad said:

    well this news is totally false news, as m living in kuwait and there are no new visa for work, visit and family they are issueing. its been more then one year that they have banned the visa for pakistani. And our government is not taking any action on this as like they dont care about anything.

  61. FAIZANKHAN said:


  62. yaseen tariq said:


  63. shamsa said:

    i m from pakistan.i am merried girl my husband is from india now he is working in kuwait i want to go to my husband but because of visa ban for pakistani i cant meet my husband.please for God sake open family visa for kuwait for pakistani.i cant live without of my husband please do something i will bee very thank full to u

  64. Nomi said:

    It is 100% true that kuwait has banned visas for Pakistani nationals. No1 is able to get a visit, family and work visa. I tried myself for my wife but unable to do so, even i work in the biggest petrochemical company and rejected many times from Ahmadi Immigration dept. Pakistan Govt. and Ambassador in Kuwait is not playing their role to help Pakistani nations and our economy as well. India is taking lead in all the organizations to increase their manpower and Pakistanis are suffering with lack of our govt. support.
    Ask Kuwaiti Ambassador in Pakistan to provide evidence of how many visas they have issued comparatively 2010?
    PM Gilani and Pr. Zardari visited twice in 2011 but useless visit for country but may be good for them.
    May Allah bless our country to have honest leaders. amen

  65. sana said:

    plz tellme are kuwait visa for pakistanis open?plz reply

  66. muhmmad arshad said:

    i come to kuwait for working any mobial namber {00923054647025

  67. Tawny786 said:

    To Ansar, I agree, what a great idea! Do what ever you can do to make this country (Pakistan) a better place, so others will want to come there. Hard work never has killed anyone. Stop giving and taking bribe. Help other and read translation of Quran and use Quran as a book of guidance to do good on this earth. Remember we are only here for short period for Trials and Tests. If we all look at our characters and change it to what our prophet's characters was. This country and world will become a better place for you and me.
    So to All the Pakistanis Work hard in what ever you do and success will come to you. All the best.

  68. Sohail said:

    My family is also a victim of visa ban, i don't know when this shit will lift fom pakistanis.. Any idea..any rumur or any news …

  69. Farah said:

    Malaysia Work Permit for 3 years
    Its Only for General Factory Workers
    apply as soon as Possible.

  70. Naheem Ahmed said:

    i am also get visa in May 2011 but still waiting for lifting up of bans plz tell me actual position for work permit and visit visa

  71. Moeen said:

    As every one can tell there story. I will share mine i went on doing umrah in july 2010 and because my sister lives there i decided to go and live for 10 days after umrah just for a visit. They tried each and every thing for my visit visa but even visit visa is not issued. I now i am posting this comment on 07 April 2012 but till now new is that pakistani visas are not issued by Kuwaiti government and this is true. Our government laying making lame excuses that always they do and every 1 know that. So guys chill karo yeh Pakistan hai Zardari ka Pakistan yahan yahi kuch hota hai.

  72. amir said:

    sir plese tell me when kuwait open visas for pakistanis

  73. ahmed said:

    visa visa is banned for pakistani.i born in kuwait.and i want to bring my brother in kuwait for visit visa. now more then 1 and half year they have rejected 5times.u can get visa in 1500kd.

  74. saba said:

    yes, its true visas r banned,my hsbnd is there in kuwait.i m alone plllllz,government do something…………………………………………………

  75. Ayisha Shoukat said:

    sir, please kindly tell me that visas of kuwait for pakistanis close or not reply soon i will be wait for your reply

  76. zahir khan said:

    Assalamao alaikom Sir plz u tell me when open a visa kuwait for pakistani worker

  77. Mrswajid said:

    im really surprised cz of all such rumourz.hw spouse visa can be banned its fus n nthing.europen countries r best in the way they let the famliz to cm…bt wht happnd with civilzd kwait..plz opn fmly visas respctd sheikh al saba ggggggg.

  78. Ali Asghar said:

    it's a good news..!! to hear that kawait visas are open for pk workers..!!

  79. samra_ said:

    plz only family viza open i dont think what issue about family viza jin ka husband waha ha onki biwi ko waha jana da plz

    • saaim said:

      visa will be open very so0n don't you worry:)


    now when pakistani visas are open 9in kuwait can any one tell me ??? 03067200272

  81. nasir said:

    so many time i get a visa for kuwait but i can,t what happend about pakistani i thing that also wrong they always ignoar why

  82. kashije ali said:

    why ban on the kuwait visas 4 pakistanis. Plz any body tel me can i get a kuwait visa in black

  83. shahid amin said:

    kuwait vises baned previous 6 years.i also wait for visas opening.but our government have not stand at this issue.

  84. khan said:

    main bhi kuwait jany chata hon wahan esay job mil jayti hy kya plz reply

  85. khan said:

    sir why there is ban on family visas sir plz kindly alow the family visas plz sir plz its a hmble request plz sir plz plz plz

  86. star said:

    sir kindly alow pakistani families in kuwait plz sir plz ok u jst tel us wht to do tht u cn alow
    the families

  87. nimra awais said:

    im a married girl , my husband was working in kuwait since 6 years before, now i want to go to my husband and want to live with him there. but someone ask me that kuwait ministry did not issue visas to any pakistani. and the wives did not go there. what was the issue it is? and how can i go to my husband there? plz help me?

  88. izhar said:

    my frnd is in kuwait n he also told me that working visas are baned but Inshallah they wil open soon

  89. wajid mughal said:

    Please help me in Requirements for Kuwait work visa for Pakistani passport holders.

  90. Tania said:

    Kuwait visa baned for Pakistan we can't meet our loved ones I request the Kuwait co try plz zzz open visa for pak….

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