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Amal Peerzada’s painting exhibition today

“Minimal”, Amal Peerzada’s second solo exhibition will conclude today at the Museum of Puppetry between 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Amal is currently doing her BA in Painting and Integrated Media at Ontario College of Art and Design Toronto, Canada. Inspired by the Japanese precision, spontaneity of line, simplicity, empty space and the miniature detail present in oriental and Mughal art and architecture, Amal creates surreal drawings from her imagination with a pen, never erasing her thoughts on paper.
Also inspired by abstract art in the moment, or accidental art, she enjoys seeing what shapes form on paper in the moment. Focusing primarily on human expressions of melancholy excitement, bliss, boredom, terror and satisfaction, she amalgamates her conscious and sub-conscious thoughts of being in awe of the randomness and wonder of reality and nature, infinite space and the realm of the unknown.

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