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PhD awarded for research on anti-ulcer effects of Neem, nimcolin

The Baqai Medical University has awarded a PhD to Dr Qamar Aziz for his research work on the anti-ulcer effects of Neem leaf extracts and nimcolin compound on gastric mucosa of albino rats. Dr Aziz completed his research under the supervision of the Higher Education Commission-approved supervisor, Dr Syed Naeem ul Hasan Naqvi.
The researcher, through his work, has successfully established that Neem leaf extracts are better anti-ulcer agent compared to nimcolin. According to a Baqai Medical University press release, Dr Aziz’s work holds special relevance and importance for the developing countries as it can help produce a cost-effective remedy compared to the available anti-ulcer drugs. The botanical name for Neem is Azadiracta Indica. Both seeds and leaves of Neem Tree have antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and anti-ulcer effects, making them medicinal.
According to a research, the anti-ulcer effect of aqueous extracts of the leaves of the neem tree was investigated in rats exposed to 2-h cold-restraint stress or given ethanol orally for 1 h. Extracts were administered in doses of 10, 40, or 160 mg leaf/kg body weight, either as single- or five-dose pretreatment regimens. Neem dose-dependently reduced gastric ulcer severity in rats subjected to stress and also decreased ethanol provoked gastric mucosal damage. The extract appeared to prevent mast cell degranulation and to increase the amount of adherent gastric mucus in stressed animals. These effects may explain, at least in part, the mode of the anti-ulcer action of neem.

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