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Govt mulls over mass movement against extremism

After the killing of the world’s most wanted person, al Qaeda chief Osama bin Ladin, the Sindh government is set to start a mass awareness drive in the province against terrorism and extremism. The Sindh Home Department is planning to launch the campaign in order to educate the citizens for extending maximum cooperation against possible terrorist activities.
Home Department’s Consultant on Policy, Planning, Public Relation and Home Affairs Sharafuddin Memon has planned a series of advertisement campaign to inform the people about the atrocities of terrorists, extremists and the citizen’s role in this regard. Memon has stressed upon educating people about the possible modus operandi of terrorists and the people in general have been advised as a national cause and obligation to pinpoint parking of suspicious vehicles, unidentified parcels, briefcases, bags and disguised or suspicious movements of any person.
Another motive of the campaign will be to build public confidence on police and other law enforcement agencies, besides motivating them to contact complaint centres, Madadgar 15 and the local police in case of any noted situation. Memon also advised the public to call the complaint centre set up at the Home Minister Office.

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