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TiECON demands youth to step up

Small enterprises are the backbone of country’s fragile economy and policymakers should utilise their all out efforts to stable economy so that youngsters can start their own businesses without any fear of loss. These views were expressed by speakers at the country’s first biggest Entrepreneurs’ Conference organised by TiECON. “The youth avoid hard work and generating fresh ideas on the pretext of lack of opportunities for them due to the country’s economic mess. But this attitude hampers their growth,” said Rastgar Group Chairman Imtiaz Rastgar while addressing the participants on the occasion. Lauding the efforts of TiECON for bringing the youth on one platform, Rastgar stated that TiECON was providing youngsters an opportunity to seek help from the leading entrepreneurs present in the conference. “The youngsters should lose the fear of loss in business and should implement their ideas by starting their own businesses. We will have to remove egos from our society to encourage everyone to do something as false beliefs are the main cause of unemployment in our country. I am the son of a landlord and how can I open a utility store? We should get rid of this mentality. But at the same time, no one can ignore the reality of lack of opportunities in our country,” he said.

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