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‘Stop killing Shias in Bahrain, Parachinar’

Majlis-e-Wehdat-e-Muslemeen ((MWM)) Pakistan, Imamia Students Organization, Imamia Ulema and Madaris-e-Dinia organised a rally on Friday against atrocities in Bahrain and killing of Shiites in Parachinar.
Hundreds of women, men and children chanted slogans against America, theTaliban and the royal family of Saudi Arabia, while marching from the Lahore Press Club to the Punjab Assembly. Protesters also raised slogans in favour of uprising in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and other Arab countries. They burnt the effigy of American President Barak Obama. ISO Central Information Secretary Hassan Kazmi revealed that their ‘opponents’ had abducted 45 members of their sect since March 25; among which eight were slaughtered while the remaining were still under their custody. “We have sacrificed 2,200 of our people in Parachinar. Therefore we demand from the government a Waziristan-like operation in Parachinar as early as possible,” he said.
MWM Punjab General Secretary Abdul Khaliq Asadi and Allama Ameen Shaheedi warned that if the government and Fauji Foundation did not stop sending mercenaries to Bahrain, Shiites would besiege their offices. Both Shiite leaders spoke against UNO and international human rights organisations for their ‘mysterious silence’ over atrocities in Bahrain. Protestors also demanded that army check posts should be set up in Parachinar so that the four-year siege of the area ends. Allama Jawad Naqvi, Agha Mubarak Mosavi, Ghulam Raeesi, Munwar Abbas Alvi, Allama Mazhar Naqvi, Hyder Musavi, Allama Naseer-ul-Hassan Rijai and Fayyaz Hussain were prominent among the leaders who spoke on the occasion. Strict security measures were taken to prevent any unpleasant incident.

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