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Youth parliamentarians take oath, set to get familiar with real deal of politics

The oath-taking ceremony and the inaugural session of the one-year Sindh Youth Assembly were held at the Sindh Assembly building on Saturday.
Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro administered the oath to the newly-elected members of the youth parliament as well as the cabinet members. MPAs Muhammad Anwar Mahar and Mir Muhamamd Hassan Talpur, MNA Lal Chand and PPP leader Saeed Ghani among others also participated in the oath-taking ceremony.
Speaking on the occasion, Khuhro said that the session of Sindh’s youth parliament is a proof that the youngsters of the country are interested in the politics of the country and hoped that the youth of the nation would serve the country according to the Quaid-e-Azam’s vision, without any difference of any caste, creed, colour, language or religion.
“This session gives the message to the world that youth of this country is interested in democracy and is working for the stability of democracy and economic development,” said the Sindh Assembly speaker.
Appreciating the efforts of the youth assembly members, he said the youth should come forward to play a vital role in political and social development of the country.
“Providing the Sindh Assembly building to the youth parliament for the session is to make them realise the importance and the sanctity of the assembly,” said Khuhro, adding that the youth parliamentarians would also be invited during the Sindh Assembly sessions to observe the business of the assembly as well as the performance of the legislators, and how do they work for the nation. “For the restoration of the sanctity of this assembly, the legislators have struggled a lot and rendered huge sacrifices,” he said.
The Sindh assembly speaker said that after completing their studies, youth parliamentarians can serve the country by joining the mainstream politics on a party basis because one cannot understand the real democracy without party politics.
“Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had laid great emphasis on political reconciliation and created consensus among all the political parties, and the current government has adopted the same reconciliation policy, which is doing well for the economic development and political stability of the country,” said Khuhro.
Meanwhile, during the first inaugural youth parliament session, two-party manifesto was given to the members on choice: nationalist or liberal. The formation of the government would be for one year from 2011 to 2012, while five sessions are scheduled to be held in a year.
The assembly members, using their right of vote, elected the chief minister, speaker, deputy speaker, opposition leader, deputy opposition leader. Moreover, the cabinet was formed and the ministries were also allocated on the basis of merit.
Pakistan Association for Young Leaders Development and Training President Malik Zameer Awan, Vice President Zaid Aziz and General Secretary Zeeshan Baig also briefed the members of the provincial youth assembly of Sindh about further proceedings.