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Dr Naz rejects news item

Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz, Director Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) University of the Punjab, has contradicted all allegations against him in the news item published in Pakistan Today on April 23. In a statement issued on Saturday, the media coordinator of the ICS said that false allegations were manipulated against Dr Naz by a certain group in 2002, as a pre-emptive measure against his promotion, because a senior female teacher had registered and done PhD in the department of Urdu, Faculty of Oriental and Islamic Learning. Meanwhile, Dr Naz had his PhD from the department of Mass Communication. Now, the lady teacher wants promotion as professor in the Mass Communication Department, which is illegal. In 2002, an inquiry conducted by the varsity administration found the charges as false, baseless and engineered by the senior female teacher and her group. As a result, Naz was exonerated and promoted through the University Selection Board and Syndicate in 2003 while he was appointed as the head of ICS in 2009 on the basis of his seniority.