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Conceptualising ‘The Family’ at VM Art Gallery

A group photo exhibition titled ‘The Family’ is running at the VM Art Gallery until April 30, a press release issued by the gallery said.
The show is being curated by professional photographer Arif Mahmood, and it comprises works of Aasim Akhtar, Amean J, Arif Ali, Arif Mahmood, Ayesha Vellani, Emaan Rana, Farah Mahbub, Izdeyar Setna, Malika Abbas, Mohammad Adil, Stephan Andrew, Tahir Jamal, Tapu Javeri and Qamar Bana.
All the photos are conceptualised with the theme of ‘family’ and also fit in with each other. In this time and space that we are placed in, the concept of ‘family’ is slowly fading away into oblivion. The cyber age is moving us towards a material end.
We must have a formula for everything – a winning strategy for survival. These are tough times to live in. We forget people, we forget the collective concept. It is the time of the individual.
The purpose of this show is to highlight the role of family, trying to show a bond that is an integral part of a whole and a collective energy that reminds the viewer of how things were in the past.
It is also a cross-section of our nation and a cultural journey of various patterns in our social set-up. It is a summation of life, birth, struggle and death. It is a simple visual diary of what we were yesterday and what we are today.