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Imran wants region-based system

Pakistan’s former captain Imran Khan strongly criticised the sports system of the country and vowed to revamp it to develop champions.  Talking to journalists on the sideline of the 43National Athletics Championship here at the Punjab Stadium, Imran said that Pakistan will win the next ICC Cricket World Cup as his party will be in power.  “Pakistan is full of talent in every field of the sports,” Khan said.
“In the meantime system here in Pakistan is being run on adhoc basis – which is why talent is not extracted in a right manner, so we are not able to utilise the best of our talent to attain the achievements.” “The system should be unified for every sport in the country as regional teams in any sports should be encouraged to rope in best talent. Departments have started participating in every sport themselves including cricket which is not right as corporate sector should sponsor the regional teams instead,” he added.
He pointed out that his party Tahrik-i-Insaaf would focus more on the regional sports and groom local activities after coming to power.
He said that he would support regional sports instead of involving departments. “The role of the departments is to promote sports as sponsors and the competitions should be between regional and provincial teams,” he maintained.  Imran said that his party would focus on sports and groom the society through sports. “Good players build good nations and that would be one of the focus areas of my party,” he added. However, his emphasis on regionalism irked some circles who believe that by removing departments from sports, it would be the sportspersons who would be the ultimate sufferers.