Nepotism haunts educated youth: survey | Pakistan Today

Nepotism haunts educated youth: survey

PESHAWAR – The massive corruption and favouritism in the country has played havoc with talented and educated people spoiled their future, a survey conducted by Pakistan Today said. According to the survey, influential people have divided vacant posts among their kith and kin while there is no job for poor educated youth.
Bright future for their children is the dream of parents. They make vigorous efforts and offer many sacrifices for their education. In view of the corruption and nepotism, most of university students are much worried about their future as their practical life is approaching, but they realise that it is an uphill task for them to get jobs.
The survey revealed that students in various universities in the province were not satisfied and looked extremely worried about their future as the system in the country had spoiled every organisation, management and department. Most of the students, after completing their education, are in search of jobs, but it is not an easy task for them to find a job as every post is offered on political basis.
Even the posts of clerks are not available to the educated children of the poor. The corrupt politicians have become so bold that some times they auction various vacancies. The system of the country has become so corrupt that most of the people are reluctant to send their children to a university as they have realised that their children would only get a degree, but no job.
A large number of educated youth have entered the world of crime. The survey reveals most of the criminals arrested by the police were graduates and post-graduates. During investigations, these youths held nepotism and corruption responsible for their misfortune.
The government is making tall claims and false promises to eradicate poverty and control crime, but both the evils are increasing on account of their corruption.

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