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Govt demands disciplinary action against Azfar

ISLAMABAD – The government filed an application in the Pakistan Bar Council’s (PBC) Disciplinary Committee on Friday requesting it to initiate proceedings against senior lawyer Kamal Azfar for professional misconduct, as he appeared in the Supreme Court (SC) on behalf of the government in a review petition against the SC’s verdict on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).
The application said that Latif Khosa had replaced Kamal Azfar in the NRO review petition on October 6 and the court had also allowed Khosa to argue the case on October 13. “After October 13, 2010, there was no relationship as client and counsel between the federation and Barrister Kamal Azfar. He was in no way justified legally, morally or professionally to give statements, which embarrassed … the federation before the Supreme Court,” the application stated.
It said that Azfar wrote an unauthorised letter to the SC registrar on October 30, 2010, stating that he was available to argue the NRO review petition after resigning as adviser to the prime minister. Azfar had therefore committed gross misconduct and had rendered himself liable to disciplinary action by the Pakistan Bar Council, the application said. The application was filed by a solicitor of the Law Ministry.

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