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CPLC has failed

The purpose behind formation of Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) was to liaise between citizens and police and to resolve cases independently, provide justice to ordinary citizens on non-political bases.

This is on the record that the CPLC was very active institute in past days when Mr Sharfuddin Memon was performing his duties voluntarily as the chief. He is famous for his non-political background as well as his philanthropy. It was the time when cases were resolved without any distinction in CPLC.

In March 2010, Mr Ahmed Chinoy was appointed as the new chief without any notification or approval from Sindh Home Ministry. Due to his political affiliation, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza (former Home Minister) has already warned him many times. But it seems that Mr Chinoy is not serious in resolving issues and the existence of CPLC is only to provide crime statistics and to maintain criminal records nowadays.

On the other hand, former Home Minister (Sindh) has launched a Public Complaint Cell (PCC) for the relief of the citizens under the supervision of Mr Sharfuddin Memon and the complainants are getting positive response from there.

My family was getting threats on mobile phone and our house was illegally occupied by some of our enemies in Sep 2010. I personally submitted two applications on 09-Sep-2010 & on 08-Jan-2011 in CPLC (CRC) but no result came out.

On the contrary, CPLC members pressurised us to withdraw our case because the accused persons are powerful and my case has been closed without my decision. I personally tried to meet with the chief but was not successful. Ultimately, I contacted PCC and my case was resolved within two days.

Each and every proof against CPLC is on the record. As I am the real victim of CPLC’s cruelty, I just want to appeal to the concerned authorities to kindly take steps to make CPLC a real citizen’s institute again or disband it totally.



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  1. sania amjad said:

    cplc is really a political institute nowadays…

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