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Lahore public meeting will break status quo: Altaf

KARACHI – MQM chief Altaf Hussain on Saturday appealed that the people of Punjab should support the cause of truth by participating in the April 10 public meeting to be held by the MQM.
In a video message, he said the people of Punjab should demonstrate through their unity that they want to break the status quo and bring to an end the decaying feudal system and rampant corruption.
Deploring the dynastic political culture prevalent in the country that empowers a few families only while the common people always remain outside the power game, Altaf pointed out that Pakistan belonged to the 180 million people of the country instead of a coterie of a few families.
“The people of Punjab should make it clear by participating in the public meeting at Qaddafi Stadium that they do not want dynastic politics, corruption and unemployment but they want peace and tranquillity,” said the MQM chief.
Appealing that Punjab supports him not for MQM but for Pakistan, Altaf expressed his desire to save the country by establishing a just and equitable system in which all people would enjoy equal rights. He added that he wanted to lay the foundation of a system in which there is no poverty, unemployment and the law does not discriminate between the rich and the poor.
Altaf particularly addressed the younger generation and said the youth have been the vanguard of every revolution in the world and the youth of Punjab, particularly the students, should strengthen the hands of MQM in its struggle for bringing prosperity and stability in the country.
Addressing the women, he said that no revolutionary struggle could succeed without participation of women. Altaf urged that the women especially girl students of the Punjab should come forward and join the MQM in its struggle.

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