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In or out of the coalition: ANP decision on Sunday

KARACHI – Awami National Party (ANP)-Sindh has summoned a meeting of its think-tank on Friday (today) to deliberate the merits of staying part of the coalition government in Sindh, announced party spokesman Qadir Khan on Thursday. A meeting of the provincial party’s executive committee has also been convened on Sunday to follow up on the think-tank’s deliberations.
Meanwhile, a delegation of PPP-Sindh led by Secretary- General Taj Haider visited Mardan House and held a meeting with ANP-Sindh President Shahi Syed. The PPP delegation also included Advisor to Sindh CM Rashid Rabani and PPP-Karachi President Najmi Alam.
Syed forwarded his party’s reservations to the PPP delegation, and said that despite unconditional support for the Sindh government, Pashtoon localities were being ignored. He said that the ANP wanted to the politics of reconciliation to be a success, but now, it had become very difficult to answer the queries of party workers regarding development and other issues of ANP.
The ANP-Sindh president told the PPP delegation that a future strategy will be announced on Sunday, but the PPP delegation assured Syed that his reservations will be brought to the knowledge of the chief minister.

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