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US trying to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear power: Qazi

KASUR – Former Jamaat-e-Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said that they do not want a war with the US, but just want abolition of the system under which the nation is being enslaved.
Talking to JI Kasur workers, Qazi said that the US under a conspiracy was spreading unrest in the country. “The US is trying to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear power because it considers our nuclear power is more dangerous for Israel than it is for India. We can stand on our feet if there is no US interference in our affairs,” he said.
Speaking on the occasion, party’s Secretary General Liaquat Baloch said that the rulers who took part in the general election 2008 on the US dictation were unaware of the miseries of the people.
DACOITY VICTIM, FRIENDS HELD FOR TORTURING MAN TO DEATH: A dacoity victim and his accomplices were arrested for torturing an alleged dacoit to death and seriously injuring his father and brother in Roshan Bheela, a nearby village of Kasur.
About two weeks ago, unidentified dacoits looted the out-house of Nasrullaha Khan alias Nanah Khan, a local landlord of village Roshan Bhila. Nasrullaha Khan informed the police and also started tracing the dacoits along with his friends, Jahangir Dogar, Mubarak Khan and others.
The complainant and his men posed themselves as the staff of the special branch of the police department and lifted three suspects, including a 60-year-old man, and kept them in different places where they tortured them with the connivance of police officials of Roshan Bheela police post.
They employed all third-degree methods on the suspects. Their torture left one suspect dead and two others seriously injured. Ashiq Ali, 60, and his sons were employed in a rice mill near Allahabad. They were lifted by Jahangir Dogar and his associates from the mill after thrashing the mill owner, Ramzan, 10 days ago.
Jahangir and his men along with the police post in-charge, Kafayat, ASI Yaseen and other policemen started torturing them in a dera-cum-torture cell of Jehangir Dogar, Nanha Khan and Mubarak Khan. Sarwar’s health deteriorated on Sunday and they called in a quack, Dr Aslam of Bheela who administered different injections to Sarwar, but could not save his life.
Sarwar’s brother and father were shifted to a hospital in Lahore owing to their critical condition.
When contacted, Sheikhum SHO Atta Mustafa refuted the torture allegations, saying Sarwar and Ashiq consumed poison at the police post. The deceased’s mother, Khurshaid Bibi, in an application to the DPO, stated that Jahangir Dogar, Nanha Khan, Tariq Sindhi, Dr Aslam and others picked her husband Muhammad Anwar and three sons, took them to the out-house of Jahangir Dogar and subjected them to severe torture with iron rods.
She further alleged the accused poured poison into their mouths to conceal their crime.
TWO COPS BOOKED: A case has been registered against two sub inspectors for violating the police laws. The Qurban Lines SSP asked the Phoolnagr police SHO to register a case against SI Shaukat AlI who recovered 50kg charas and 7kg hashish from some accused but mishandled the case.
The investigation of the case was entrusted to SI Khursheed, but the case was investigated by SI Shaukat.

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