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Man shoots sister in law over Rs 13,000

LAHORE – A man shot his sister in law dead over a monetary issue in the Sherankot Police precincts on Monday. The deceased was identified as 22-years-old Salma Bibi resident of Abu Bakar Street in Sherakot.
Police said that Salma Bibi contracted marriage with a resident of Shadbagh Area about two years ago but soon after marriage, difference between Salma and her husband arose over which she filed a case for divorce in the concerned court with the help of her brother in law namely Allah Rakha. The police said that during the case Allah Rakha paid Rs. 13000 to Salma’s lawyer.
Police said that Allah Rakha was demanding the money back after the court had decided the case in favor of Salma Bibi but she had never returned the borrowed money. On the day of incident Salma was at her parent’s house when Allah Rakha visited the house and demanded his money, which Salma Bibi refused to return. Allah Rakha got infuriated, took out his gun and and fired at Salma. As a result Salma sustained four bullets and died instantly with Allah Rakha escaping from the crime scene after threatening the family.
Police after being informed, reached the scene and removed the body of the deceased to city morgue for autopsy. The police also registered a case against Allah Rakha on the complaint of deceased’s brother, Sadiq, and have started a probe. Fire: Valuables worth hundred of thousands of rupees were reduced to ashes when a fire erupted in a local garments factory located on Ferozepur Road on Monday.
As per details a fire erupted in a garments factory owned by Fahad due to short circuiting. The fires flames engulfed the valuables including cloth, furniture and other valuables within no time. Locals informed rescue officials, who after reaching the scene, extinguished the fire. Rescue officials said valuables worth hundred of thousands were reduced to rubble during the fire.
Another fire erupted in a car owned by Usman a resident of Defence mysteriously which has reduced the car to ashes while Usman also sustained minor burns while extinguishing the fire.
Body Found: The body of an unidentified 25-years-old man was found from Old Anarkali Police precincts on Monday. The body owas lying along road side in Old Anarkali Police when locals observed the body and informed police. Police officials after reaching the scene removed the body to the morgue for autopsy and started the search for the deceased’s relatives. Police said it was too early to say anything, however the reasons of deceased death could only be ascertained after the autopsy report.

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