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Exporters oppose holiday proposal

KARACHI – The Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) South Zone has voiced strong opposition to two days off in the week for energy conservation. In a statement, PTA chairman Aziz Ahmed said Pakistan’s economy which is already at its lowest ebb and many sectors are mired in crisis.
The decision to observe two days off in a week may result in total collapse of industrial sector especially the export sector which will suffer heavily, he lamented.Ahmed stated the decision last year proved to be failure and the government could not conserve any type of energy but on the other it severely hurt exports and the industry.
“This decision will only multiply problems and hamper trade and industrial activities and the government would not be able to achieve any desired result except further hurting country’s economy”, PTA chief warned. He urged the government not to implement the proposal, take appropriate measures in consultation with the business community to address the energy crisis and underlined the need to consider alternative measures for saving energy and enhancing the capacity of electricity generating units.
It was also suggested that if the two holidays in a week are necessary then the export and import-related government offices including ports, customs and banks should be exempt from it. “Because of the additional holiday in a week, businesses would suffer a lot,” he said adding not only the business community would suffer but it also causes financial loss to the national exchequer.
“It’s high time to work towards rescuing the ailing economy and earn foreign exchange to get rid off the pressure of the IMF and World Bank and not put another nail in the coffin of trade and industry”, Aziz proposed.

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  1. zoqi said:

    you are just caring of export ,people are dieing due to light ,come and stay one day without light , today holiday is vital

  2. saima said:

    this stupid export class is worried about itself only. please look into the health matter of the working class . physiological problems are emerging in the working class use to sit 8-9 day . Human is social animal and their life is limited to the work only. and no time for family affairs is available. two days will make them relax and let them work efficiently five days a week rather than six days a week.plus it will definitely add saving in energy and fuel in multiply..

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