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UK’s report on Pakistani democracy negative: FO

ISLAMABAD – In its reaction to 2010 Human Rights and Democracy report by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Pakistan on Friday regretted that the report omitted the positive aspects when it talked about the state of democracy and democratic institutions in the country. Responding to a question regarding the report, the Foreign Office spokesperson, Tehmina Janjua said, “Pakistan is today a free, transparent and democratic society where all issues including social and economic as well as those relating to governance are being effectively addressed.” “Regrettably, the report omits the positives,” she said, in a statement.
British Foreign Secretary William Hague launched on Thursday the 2010 Human Rights and Democracy report, which shows Pakistan made little progress in key areas during the last year and was likely to follow similar course in the current year. The report said that 2010 was an extremely challenging year for Pakistan, and that the democratic government was marred by corruption, lack of transparency and lawlessness. “We will continue to intervene on human rights issues in Pakistan where we believe we can make a positive difference,” it said.
Janjua said that the essential ingredients of a pluralistic democratic society that valued human rights were amply in evidence in Pakistan today. “These need no acknowledgement nor judgmental affirmations by outsiders. Our democratic institutions and our national ethos guarantee a bright future for Pakistan,” she said.

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