Gang war terrorists active in Burns Road, Urdu Bazaar: MQM | Pakistan Today

Gang war terrorists active in Burns Road, Urdu Bazaar: MQM

KARACHI – The MQM Coordination Committee on Thursday said the growing influence of terrorists belonging to the gang war, who are most active at the Burns Road and Urdu Bazaar areas among other areas of the city, is a cause of serious concern. In a statement, the committee said the gang war terrorists have been given a virtual licence to operate freely in the city and are sending extortion slips to traders, businessmen and shopkeepers without any fear of the law The city of Karachi is the centre of business activities and leaving its citizens at the mercy of criminal mafia is tantamount to throwing the city to the dogs.
There are several instances on record wherein traders and businessmen were threatened with dire consequences and when they did not bow down to the threats, they were either tortured or even murdered. Despite peaceful protests and demonstrations of the trade associations for demanding protection from these anti-social and anti-state elements, the administration is refusing to take action which is disconcerting and worthy of utter condemnation.
The Coordination Committee demanded that President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik and the Sindh chief minister take immediate notice of the issue and protect the life and property of the people.

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