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A daring escape – Woman kidnapped seven years ago seeks justice

KARACHI – “I was kidnapped and forcefully married by Abdul Rashid Magsi with the help of local police seven years ago. Every day before leaving the house, Magsi used to lock me inside. During the period, even my parents were not allowed to see me and being poor, they could do nothing,” said R, while narrating her ordeal to media persons.
For seven years, she was locked inside a house. She faced the wrath of her cruel captor, who even married her forcefully. She finally made her escape and reached her parent’s house. However, her influential abductor lodged a kidnapping case against the woman’s parents and she knows that with the system prevalent, she might be soon heading back to her prison.
Living in Kotri, Jamshoro district, a victim of social traditions is seven months pregnant and has spent her last seven years under severe stress. She was beaten cruelly by her captor on the day she escaped from captivity with the help of some sympathising people. She reached her parents home, filed a ‘khula’ petition in a Hyderabad court for separation, and was allowed to live with her parents. “He is a heartless, cruel man and I do not want to live any more with him as he might kill me,” she said. “I know how I spent the days and nights under his captivity. I did not want to marry Magsi but the police helped him and I had to bear his torture,” said R.
Ready to show torture marks on her back, she said that nobody from the human rights organisations had approached her to extend help.
“Magsi came to our home and threatened my mother of dire consequences if she did not hand me back to him. He has lodged a kidnapping case against my parents,” said R, adding ‘I do not want to go back with him. I need protection of parents’ life and my own life.’ Crying relentlessly, she begged the government to help her. She appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan, president, prime minister, Sindh chief minister, home minister, Sindh inspector general of police and human rights organisations to guarantee protection. “My parents are innocent. They remained silent for my own safety,” she said.

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