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Imports encouraged by zero-rating: PCDMA

KARACHI – Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Merchants Association (PCDMA) Chairman Muhammad Haroon Agar, in a press statement, stated that import activities have started to gain momentum, with FBR’s decision to maintain zero-rating on imports.
Agar said that, before the decision, commercial importers had serious reservations regarding the SRO-509(I)/2007, however, their reservations were well appraised by Businessmen Group Chairman and former KCCI President Siraj Kassam Teli, along with Businessmen Group Vice Chairmen Muhammad Zubair Motiwala and Haroon Farooki, as their efforts helped resolve the aforementioned issue.
Agar, on behalf of commercial exporters, expressed cordial gratitude to Siraj Kassam Teli, Zubair Motiwala and Haroon Farooki for their priceless efforts in a week long continued sessions with FBR chairman. Agar articulated that as per the decision, selling of goods to unregistered person will be subject to six percent GST.
However, goods sold to registered personnel by commercial importers will be zero-rated. Agar expressed agreement and support to the government for broadening the tax-base and generation of revenue. However, he stated that the already registered tax-payers should not be burdened with additional taxes.

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